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I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some sould to repentance; and this is my joy.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week 6


I try to find interesting things to say in these letters, but it's getting hard here in the MTC! It's just so repetitive. But I'll try.
We're getting some kohai (class below us) tomorrow. Then we'll be senpai (higher class). It's weird to think that my time in the MTC is already half over. But I'm ready to be in Japan. Well, not really ready, but I'm at least ready to be out of the MTC. It'll be interesting having new missionaries that look up to me. I really looked up to my senpai, and they set a great example for me. Actually, one of my senpai is still here. His name is Elder Lazaro. He's from Brazil, and because of a mishap here at the MTC, he's having some visa problems. He had a visa, but the MTC lost his passport, so he had to get a new one and that voided the visas on his old one. So he's in my district right now, along with Mikkola Choro, an Elder from Finland that entered the MTC the day I did, but had already studied Japanese for six years, so he was put into the advanced language course or something. He's just waiting for his visa too. They're both headed to Nagoya. So far, there are only three people here headed to Kobe. In the new group that comes tomorrow, there are going to be some more, but it kind of shows me that I need to be the best I can be, because there aren't very many headed there. A lot of people are going to Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Tokyo though. Hardly anyone headed to Sendai, and absolutely no one is going to Sapporo. No Frozen Chosen here.
One cool thing that happened this week happened when I was back at the residence. A new group of missionaries had moved into our floor, and one of them was from Japan going to Brazil. He gave me his non-member grandparents address for if I happen to be in that area on my mission. It could just be a crazy random happenstance, but maybe it happened on purpose... hmm. :D
So Lauren broke her ipod? :( :( :( sad day! don't do it again! When are my sisters going to write me actual letters again? Arynn is doing lacrosse? Wasn't she doing the golf team? hahaha.
So don't worry about me. I didn't get sick, and there were no zombies. That doesn't mean that I didn't shoot people with my dart gun though... :P
Let me clarify this for you Mom. In that letter on Christmas, I wrote that I saw Bean and my friend Elder Knudsen. But what I meant by that is that "I saw Bean's friend, Elder Knudsen, who is also my friend." But I guess my wording made everyone think that Bean had seen me. So I was correcting that and making a false rumor about seeing Michael. :P
Hey, wanna see something cool? わたしはにほんごでかくことができます!キャスパー長老 ("I can write in Japanese...Elder Casper") My name!
I would write more in Japanese, but I couldn't think of anything to write. From what I hear though, Lauren is pro. Meg, you said that my friends keep texting you to pretend to be me? Write me a letter of things that they say, and I'll tell you how to respond to them. :)
I hope that Grandma Gordon and Grandma Hundley get feeling better. They're definitely in my prayers. Which is hard because I've been trying to pray in Japanese! とてもむずかしいです。("it's very difficult")
Dad really should come volunteer at the TRC after I'm gone. That would be so cool! OH! Before I forget, I have definitely met Egbert長老 (Choro=Elder), the Elder that Camie and Andy said I have to meet. He's way cool. We play four square all the time. He's actually one of our zone leaders. We only have one zone in our small branch. But I'm pretty great friends with all of the missionaries in our branch. Just in time to make 32 more friends tomorrow. :P
By the way, I'm not district leader anymore. It's only for like, 3 weeks. Now Wood長老 (Choro=Elder) is the leader. I keep forgetting to send an sd card home. Next time I send letters home, I'll throw it in there.
Well, my times running short. Is there anything specific you want me to talk about in next weeks letter? Thanks to everyone who sent me letters this week! and thanks for the donuts!! It was way too much, so I shared with a bunch of people. Do you want to send me updates on how Izak is doing? Maybe just some cool points? Or do what Dad did and send some cool points from President Zinke's blog. Watch for the day that I'll be one there. Actually, I hear that I'm allowed to call home from the airport. So that could be cool. Anyways, 愛しています!まったね!("I love you...see you later")
(^_^) O______________o シ ツ ☺☻

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