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Monday, February 25, 2013

2nd Week in Japan

So its another Monday, well, I guess Sunday for you. But regardless, that means I'm sending a letter again! Woohoo! First off, let me apologize for one thing. On Japanese keyboards, apostrophes are in a different spot. To get them, you have to hold shift and push the number seven. the normal apostrophe spot just gives you this ":" (in doing that, I realized that quotation marks are moved too.) So don't be bothered if I ignore apostrophes. :P

Well, what can I say about this week? It went by really fast actually. But we still hadn't met any of our investigators until Sunday, for various reasons. We taught an Eikaiwa class on Tuesday, which was fun. It was nice not having to worry about speaking Japanese, but seeing Japanese people worry about speaking English. Mwahaha. But it was really fun. Last week, after we emailed, we went to the city center so that Waterbury Choro could "check in" to the city of Kakogawa (加古川) and we met a really nice lady that wanted to come and learn English. Unfortunately, she didn't come, but hey, maybe tomorrow! On Wednesdays, a Brother Taniguchi teaches a guitar class at the church, and one of our investigators goes to that sometimes. We went, but no one really showed up, so we left. On Saturdays, we help teach another Eikaiwa, but this one is for seniors. That was fun, and afterwards, we went around and visited less actives or part member families. And then there was a ping pong tournament that happened at the church. We went to that too to see if any investigators went to that. We waited for a while, played a round of ping pong against the bishop, and then left because no one was coming. Yesterday though, before church, an old man that the previous missionaries had found came to church. He came right before sacrament, so we just invited him to that, and then afterwards, we taught him a lesson. He was way nice, and we're teaching him again next week at church. Right after we finished teaching him, one of our investigators showed up, and we went to elders quorum with him. After that, we taught him a lesson too. Before I could even ask him to read the Book of Mormon each day, he said that he was going to read it, and decided for himself that he would read three pages every day. Last night, we called him because we had missed a call from him, and he had already read the introduction (which is two pages in Japanese.) He's an awesome person. Also yesterday, we had dinner at the Kanno Kazoku's house. It was way delicious. It sure beat the boring simple meals that I make myself. :P Actually, on Friday, we had a district meeting in Akashi-shi. After that, we went to an Indo curry place. It was way good. Tonight I think we're going to go eat some Japanese food.

Its fine for you to email me Mom. That way I can actually get your letter! I've only gotten one letter since I've been here, and I'm sure it took a long time for it to get here. I actually found out that I'm allowed to receive emails from my friends. Not entirely sure if I'm allowed to send them though. That would be cool, even if to just send a quick message to all my friends who have left. What day does Bean go in again? I'm way excited for him. And for Jared, who I know is going in the same day as Annie Mack. (I worked with her at the Owlz. also her dad was my branch president in the MTC) But, I might have forgotten which day that was too. :-/ I'm pumped for Austin though! That's way cool. But yeah, if you want to give my email to friends and such, they can send me some. But letters are nice too! *hint hint*

The weather here is cold right now. But from what I hear, its going to be really hot in the summer. So its kind of both extremes. bleh. I know that I'll learn Japanese. I'm progressing a little each day. By the time I leave, I'll be pro. But actually, hopefully it happens before that time. :P

Well, I know that I'm supposed to write a long letter, but I'm kind of running out of time. I hope you're all doing alright at home. I love you all! Oh hey, you should Dear Elder my emails to my friends who are in the MTC so they can get them. Anyway, I'm going to call this good. 愛しています! \(・-・)/  :D :D 

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